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Title Sequence | Packaging

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I’m doing a very simple packaging, two panels. and the third panel comes off the case and the poster. so easy to tear off marks. i just have to confirm the prints that it can be done. My previous post about my title sequence showing pictures of the painted title credits, i think i have have gone over board. so i printed out a font which can be seen in my style guide, alien strawberry. so i followed that font type and wrote down on the cardboard. so i’m hoping it will turn out nicely this time. final take which i’m currently doing.  pictures to show process.





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1. This website is sooo cool. It’s got 100 scary movie posters. They look great. Although all are illustrated, something i’m not doing but not i wan to do it. But its a bit too late to change. I hope it’s noted that the pictures i’m using was my idea and taken BY me. Now everyone has wanted the pictures which is totally fine , JUST don’t use it as your poster design.

2. This is a bit better in terms of what i’m doing for my poster. Images used.

3. So just looking around for my dvd packaging inspiration, came across this. For the first week it would be highly amusing but after some time creepy. “carrying death around”.




Title sequence. Phase 2.

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More like phase zero really. so my original idea was not working, how original ? But seriously i tried to shoot it and the videos below are just few cuts of my orignal idea.

Writing in the diary where texts are meant to come in focus, like revenge.


This video; where i freaked out because i was holding the burning photo which was supposed to show the characters anger, so i forgot i had to put it in the black background, and i was holding the camera. it could have been better in the next shot but i left it at that because the third video i did during the night, with blood dripping … inspired me for my new idea! hurayy.

Blood dripping, shot at night, just praticing, i like the redness, maroonness rather. quality not the best.

So NOW , my idea to have a big piece of paper and have my title credit written on it (hand written) and production logo with blood drops and to move around the page. i in the process of doing it now. Picture examples here to view. 🙂 Will explain much more nicely in my next post, just showing process in this one. Probably needs to be painted again. 😛

pencil marks look ridiculous ! but this is just practice .









Title Sequence Story Board.

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The titel sequence is introducing a character to the audience, which only appears in last frames of the movie. It connects the last scene of the movie with the first movie as to why the character has killed the two girls in the story. the whole focus of the title sequence is about the character writing in his diary , things it in … how its telling the story.

Inspiration for Movie Logo and Poster.

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I’ve looked through heaps of horror movie posters, the type and logo. And it feels so exaggerated. So i’m working along those lines for my logo and posters. My poster idea was to take images during movies, like still shots and make them as a poster.

The text especially is influenced by the type of ‘movie’ or creature there is in the movie. Example, if there is a person in the movie going around cutting people, the text cut in certain way. Or if there is alot of blood in the movie, the text will be dripping of blood

I went through a few fonts and finally decided on my movie logo and colour platte for my movie branding.

The idea i had for my poster was to have a snap shot of the certain scene as an image. Below are just quick editions of the poster.Which i’m happy with.


Production Logo: Secret Garden

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I did have my doubts about my group previously but we have all come together and put a great story and presentation up.

We were called Lemon Productions but two of my group members really didn’t like the name so we have changed it to Secret garden productions. It was a last min change for the logo, as i had presvious worked on my logos for Lemon production. Anyhow i’m positing both work up here. I’m still playing around with it. We have chose the group logo as well, which was Coraline’s idea for the logo and that remains the logo for group. I haven’t had much time with the secret garden logo as i’ve always been working on  my lemon productions.

I have tried a few different ways of doing the logo, for example going to something totally opposite secret … like a billboard, something telling everyone…like contradicting perhaps?

I’ve also tried something fancy, like using script text, keys(cliche), a few others posted below. I have also thought of the way its going to animate onto a screen.

Below are scans from my workbook and the process to the actual one.

Final Production Static Logo.




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I’m liking the idea of this. Though for my title sequence, i’ve thought of putting a character , that doesn’t appear till the very end of the movie. So just showing little bits of the person , like the personality, doing a certain activity, that later people can connect to. The title sequence and the last scene in the movie. neat, clean wrapped? yes. veryy.